Save Independent Midwifery Campaign - What Can You Do?
What Can You Do?

Contact us
To make a comment and/or register your support
Please forward your email address to us or fill in the online form if you want us to keep you updated of any developments or further media coverage.

If you want to share your own feelings or stories so we can put them in the Women's Voices section this would be very helpful.

If you are a member of the media and need to get hold of us urgently please phone:

Virginia Howes 07747 723560 
Amy Sutton 07857382123
Siobhan Taylor 07886649758
Annie Francis 07977 695948
Kay Hardie 07710 724749
Laura Abbott 01462 812037


Our e-petition to Downing Street is now closed. We will put the answer on the website as soon as we receive one!

We are still welcoming any comments or a description of your experience with independent midwives for our women's voices section. 


Letter Writing Campaign
Please, please take part in our letter writing campaign!
Either use a sample letter or write your own if you prefer.
See the list of people to write to.

Email Your MP
If you are unable to do this you might be able to send an email to your MP (and if applicable to your midwife’s MP as well). You can usually find out their email address through the BBC MP Database page or the UpMyStreet service (which offers a form to send a message to them). also offers an easy way to send a quick message. At the moment we are trying to get as many MPs as possible to sign up to John Barons Early Day Motion. Please got to Parliament EDM database to check if yours has signed and if not  email him/her.

You might have contacts in the insurance market, to the press or other media or with political representatives please talk to them and get their support.


Please pass on any ideas that you think might help our cause. You might have fundraising, campaigning or writing skill or you might have friends who do and would be happy to support our cause.

You can contact your local newspaper or radio station.

Please let us know and we can pass on your ideas to the relevant working group.
Tell anyone who will listen about the care we provide and what this new legislation could mean to mothers, babies and midwives.

Make a donation if you are able

Thank you!