Save Independent Midwifery Campaign - Business of Being Born - Rio report

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Business of Being Born - Rio report Print

Over 90 adults came to the Sunday morning screening of the 'Business of Being Born' at the Rio Cinema in Dalston, some accompanied by babies and toddlers which made for a lively atmosphere.

After a brief introduction, given by Elke Heckel (Hackney Independent Midwife), the film was shown - for the first time in a London cinema.

To some, it may have appeared as a prearranged stunt when Elke had to quickly exit as she had been called to attend a birth; Baby Connie was born at home in water at 12.04h, around half way through the film!

After the film we had a stimulating question and answer session - we would like to thank the panel members Dr Adam Forman, Jenny Rathbone, Julie Sumner and Meg Taylor for taking part. A broad range of audience members contributed including midwives and students, mothers who had experienced NHS and independent midwifery care, doulas, antenatal teachers and fathers.

Since the event, people told us they felt the discussion time available was too short, that they were unsure how to help our cause and they requested another screening of the film. From those suggestions we have made the following plan: a follow-up meeting will be organised on the 16th July 2008 for those interested. We are also planning a further showing of the film in the Rio in September (date to be confirmed).

Since the screening we have been contacted by the Homerton Hospital and have been asked to hand in a proposal for our offer to contract in to the City and Hackney PCT, as part of their consultation document.

Next week the Independent Midwives Association (IMA) and the National Childbirth Trust (NCT) are co-hosting a media screening in Central London with Ricki Lake, the producer, present for questions and answers. We are hoping for extensive press coverage both for the film and our cause.

If you forgot to leave your contact details and want to be kept informed/get involved, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

We were pleased to have this feedback about the event:

"I just wanted to pass on a huge thanks for organising the screening of 'The Business of being Born' on Sunday. It was such an amazing film and I felt that the Question and Answer session was very well handled and relevant. As a potential student midwife it was a great experience to be able to meet so many inspiring people afterwards and chat to them about their experiences. Wonderful news as well about the safe arrival during the film! I went away absolutely energised and enthused about getting into the profession."

Elke Heckel & Julie Sumner


Jenny Rathbone

Dr Adam Forman

Meg Taylor

Meanwhile in East Dulwich... baby Connie Celeste was born.
29/06/2008 12:04pm, in water, into her mother's arms.
Attended by London Birth Practice midwife Jacqui Tomkins (Elke arrived shortly after...)