Save Independent Midwifery Campaign - BOBB - Kings College, London report

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BOBB - Kings College, London report Print
The screening of The Business of Being Born, at King's College, Central London on 8th May 2008, was yet another step in the right direction for our campaign.

The panel this time comprised Jane Sandall (Professor of Midwifery, King's College London), Beverley Beech (AIMS), Mary Newburn (NCT) and Louise Wilby as an Independent Midwife representing the IMA. The audience was 150 strong and made up mainly of student midwives and midwives with some ‘consumers’ present as well.

The film was followed by an interesting debate about how we might halt the decline in care that is so well illustrated in the film and get the positive message about midwifery care out to those that matter - women and those who determine maternity services.

A few conclusions that were drawn:
  • The vast majority of the 150 present would like to give continuity of care
  • Only collectively can we achieve change
  • Mothers and midwives need to work closely together to make change come about
  • Both the NCT and AIMS are very keen to support our campaign
  • Midwives are mothers or potential mothers too - we all need and deserve better maternity services!

Many thanks to King's College and especially Toni Turner for organising this event.