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The Business of Being Born - Press Coverage Print

A selection of press items reviewing or mentioning 'The Business of Being Born'.
More are listed here.

The Guardian  
"Too posh to push? No longer. Instead of an elective Caesarian, these days the fashionable crowd is going for the full delivery experience - at home. And leading the way is ex-talk show queen Ricki Lake, whose graphic homebirth video is set to be shown on the big screen."
Time Out New York  
"You’d be forgiven for dismissing this documentary sight unseen as a vanity project conceived by Ricki Lake as a way of indulging her own feelings about having babies. But Lake, who executive produced, and director Abby Epstein, whose own fortuitous pregnancy provides the film’s suspenseful conclusion, deliver a solid and sometimes moving argument for depathologizing pregnancy and childbearing."
New York Times  
"The cost of our blind trust in hospital technology, the film implies, is reflected in the United States infant-mortality rate, the second-highest in industrialized countries. What accounts for that fact? “The Business of Being Born” suggests that a cultural aversion to natural home childbirth is a contributing factor."
Los Angeles Times  
"Director Abby Epstein, along with executive producer Ricki Lake, takes a startlingly intimate look at the birthing process and the lesser-known options available to expectant mothers. In fact, this film is so persuasive that, if enough women see it, there's likely to be a serious boom in the midwifery trade."
The Sydney Morning Herald  
"Lake... feels her most important role to date has been to encourage more people to become midwives and pregnant women to take control."
Sunday Telegraph  
"More mothers are going for home births"
San Franciso Chronicle  
"The film questions whether American women today have been convinced that they are not responsible for the births of their children or simply don't know how to give birth on their own."
The Independent
"Midwives are preparing for a rush of interest in births outside hospital once this film hits UK screens"
The Practising Midwife
"I watched part of this with my 15-year-old daughter who periodically shouted at the screen! She commented: "I am so glad I was born at home and I want to have my babies at home!" Significantly, she also shouted at the doctors and said they ought to be better trained - how right she is!"