Save Independent Midwifery Campaign - What are we doing about it?

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What are we doing about it? Print

The Independent Midwives Association is at the forefront of trying to find a solution that meets the Government’s policy requirements while also protecting the ability of its members to practice outside of the NHS.

  • The IMA has been working for some time with the insurance industry to investigate the possibility of a sustainable commercial offering of PII for Independent Midwives.  As yet, this has not delivered a viable solution.
  • The IMA is also seeking to work with the representative bodies of other health professionals, such as obstetricians and ophthalmologists, to try to find a policy solution that can work for the full range of professionals affected by the Government’s proposals.
  • The IMA is also seeking to work with officials at the Department of Health to help find an approach to implementing the policy that will fulfil ministers’ aims while also protecting IMA members’ ability to practice outside of the NHS.

We have written letters to ministers, MPs and others in positions of influence to alert them to this situation and gain their support.

There are less than 200 independent midwives in this country, therefore we are small fry in the bigger scheme of things i.e. compared to the NHS. We therefore need you - our clients past and present and any other interested parties- to support us.