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Jane's Comment Print

It is a real travesty that in today's age of "More choice" that the choice to have an independent midwife may be taken away.

I had my second child at home with the support of an independent midwife. The whole experience was amazing.

I feel passionately that other women should have this choice too and would like to help. (mother)

Emily's Comment Print

My two brothers and I were all born at home with the help of excellent midwives. My mum trusted the midwives implicitly and could therefore have uncomplicated and worry - free births.

When I have children I would love to be able to have them at home and with an independent midwife.

I think this is an excellent cause, and it would be a travesty if independent midwives were prevented from practising. (young woman planning to have children in the near future)

Diana's Comment Print

I know 2 girls who have given birth in the local hospital within the past year. Both have been left with severe internal damage - the first had reconstructive surgery today. I am not aware that this ever happened when I had my children (between 1978 and 1987). My daughters are now 30 and 28.

I want to know that they will have proper choice and better care if they decide to have children.T

There seem to be endless rules now about what a pregnant woman can and cannot eat or do, but the birth experience itself has deteriorated beyond recognition since I had my children. (concerned mother)

Bronwen's Comment Print
I had my first child three months ago at home with a wonderful independent midwife and I want to fight for the right of anyone to have the choice to take this path. I think it will make a serious mockery of the government's commitment to choice if they block this option. (citizen and mother)
Linda's Comment Print
I had a very good home birth 2 years ago with an independent midwife and am due to have my second in 3 months time. I would hate to see this service lost as I had such a good experience. (mother)
Katie's Comment Print
Horrible first birth, then fabulous home birth with NHS midwife- no independents on in the Isle of Man! (mother)
Victoria's Comment Print
I had an independent midwife for the birth of my first child and it made the whole experience wonderful. I had an unexpected home birth. I would not have considered a home birth previously, but now I would recommend it to everyone. My NCT friends had a variety of bad experiences in hospital. (mother)
Sarah's Comment Print

Independent midwives are vital to the support of new mums. I had my children under national health (because I didn't know independent midwives existed!) Had I known, I would have jumped at the chance to have someone dedicated to me, instead of the poor, half hearted service I received from my hospital.


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