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Sirian's Comment Print
Had the most wonderful second birth with an independent midwife - would want to do the same if I ever have a third child and have recommended the experience to everyone I know!! (client)
Jennifer's Comment Print
I had an independent midwife for the birth of my son, and want to do the same when I have my next baby. It scares me to think that this choice could be taken away from me. I can't bear the thought of not knowing my midwife and being swept into hospital protocol. (ex-client)
Kerry's Comment Print

Giving birth to one's child is a highly personal and unique experience for every morther. Our instincts tell us how each child wishes to come into this world and indeed who else should be with us at such a magical moment It is SO important for mothers to have the freedom to make those choices.

The right people, the right place and in the right way are all such choices. The choice of midwife is a valuable ingredient for many mothers. They do an incredible job and it is very possible that one of the people ruling against independent midwives, would not be in this world if it were not for the skills of an independent midwife.

The governments need to 'think on' and stop making rules and building walls and blocks around individual freedom. These laws will destroy careers and possibly the lives of unborn children. (ex-client)

Sophie's Comment Print
I am appalled by this proposal. I have given birth to 2 beautiful children using independent midwives and the thought of not having that option would have been unthinkable. I have written letters to everyone I can think of and hope that this issue is brought to the attention of the public at large so that it cannot merely be pushed through without due consultation.  (ex-client)
Seema's Comment Print

We used Annie and Teresa from South London Independent Midwives for both our children, the first being born by c section whilst the second being a VBAC. Each time they were fantastic, independent midwives are not just about home births, they give women who want to take control of their pregnancy and birth experience the opportunity to do so with the confidence of likeminded wonderful people supporting you throughout the experience.

Without independent midwives, I shudder to think how many women and men are going to suffer.

(ex -client)

Rachel's Comment Print

I will definitely be coming to Brighton on May 22nd with my 3 year old son and 3 month old daughter, both delivered by Tina Perridge of South London Independent Midwives.

The loss of Independent Midwives cannot be allowed to happen! We shall be there supporting the cause.

(ex-client and supporter of independent midwives!) 

Peta's Comment Print
I had an independent midwife with all three of my homebirhs. Each birth has been very different but all with the same outcome, a happy baby and a happy mummy. The care I received was fantastic and I felt like I was treated like a person not a number. The best decision I ever made was engaging the services of a independent midwife. - good luck in your campaign. (ex-client)
Adele's Comment Print

My first baby was delivered by independant midwives. The care I recieved was exceptional. They managed to make giving birth actually an empowering experience. I was lucky that they agreed to do my birth for very little money. I was on benefits at the time, and they had a policy of making their services available to all, regardless of circumstance.

The NHS had refused me a home birth because it was my first baby. I'd done a bit of reading, and knew for sure that I did not want a managed hospital delivery, lying down in a bed attatched to a machine.

I  believe (well I know) these women saved me what would have undoubtedly been a very traumatic time at the local overcrowded hospital.

16 years later I still have the greatest admiration and deep love for these women, practitioners of ancient wisewoman wisdom. (ex-client)

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