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Holly's Comment Print
As a mother and pregnant woman, I would like to support independent midwives as well as midwives in the NHS: they support me when I need them! (client)
Phillipa's Comment Print

David's birth with Annie Robertson as our midwife was simply the most life-enhancing experience possible. No pain, just amazement and joy.

To deny other women this opportunity is cruel and unjust. (ex-client)

Louise's Comment Print
As a mother of 3 children, I have experienced at first hand a hospital birth, an NHS supported home birth and most recently a home birth supported by an Independent Midwife. If only I had been aware of this option with my first two babies. There is in my mind absolutely no comparison between the care you receive with an Independent Midwife with whom you strike up an important on-going relationship. She was there whenever I needed her. I could ask her any questions (however minor or ridiculous) - she was my rock and I trusted her presence and her judgement implicitely before, during and after the birth. She always had time for me which can never be the case with the stretched NHS. Her depth of knowledge amazed and comforted me and I've no doubt the wonderfully easy birth experience I had was related to all of this. Equally importantly was the after care - her visits were never rushed and were as often as I needed them to be for 5 weeks after the birth. It would be an abomination to loose this age-old service for the sake of lack of indemnity insurance. Surely prevention of things going wrong is better than compensation if it does? (ex-client)
Tracie's Comment Print
Having been let down by our Local Health Authority who downgraded our midwifery service I turned to an independent midwife for the birth of my 2nd child 3 years ago so that I could have the continuity of care that the LHA had promised but reneged on. The experience was better than I imagined so much so that I'm back with the same wonderful independent midwife for my 3rd child due in October. I have a midwife that listens to my needs, that has taken time to build a rapport with me & who I trust with both my childs & my life. Shame on any government that wants to see an end to such an excellent service. The NHS could learn a lot from the service I have experienced through my lovely independent midwife who has become a friend in the process. By the way Annie, your brill!!!! (ex-client)
Kathryn's Comment Print

I am deeply disturbed to learn of the continuing threat to Independent Midwifery. 12 years ago my daughter Imogen was delivered by the legendary Jane Evans, and I'll never forget the miracle of her birth, or the reassurance and care we received from this amazing woman.

A totally different experience from the birth of my first child which, even though I gave birth in my own home, still leaves me with unhappy memories about the care I was offered. The idea of this choice being taken away from other women appalls me.

My best friend safely delivered her first baby recently at the age of 45, with independent midwives, without whom she would have felt frightened and out of control. We must do all we can to save independent midwifery, so that an informed choice is available to other women. (ex-client)

Val's Comment Print
Please save this valuable service! (member of the public)
Morag's Comment Print
Best of luck with this important campaign and let me know what I can do to help. :) (student midwife who would like to be independent one day)
Louise's Comment Print

I have never had a more peaceful birth than when my 2nd baby was born. My independent midwife was like an angel. She was there when I needed her and gone when i didn't. She respected my wishes 100% and said all the right things at the right time. She didn't do any interventions, and I did not want to hear the heartbeat of my baby as i had been told that it can cause stress within the mother, because our primal instinct when we hear a fast heartbeat, is to go into fight and flight mode, and thereby distress the mother on a subconcious level.

She became a very trusted friend and just the thought of me knowing that she was the one to be there, when I was giving this unborn child to the world, through my body.
She was gentle and guided me through all the different stages, including inviting me to feel the baby's hair, head, face ect as he emerged. What a fantastic, peaceful and beutiful experince.
No flashing lights, talking voices, baby's checkup 5 min after delivery etc. Just me, my baby, son, husband and our helping angel.

She encouraged me to relax my body instead of tightening through the contractions, which helped massively as painrelief. I didnt take anything else, only relaxation. she knew about the importance of moving my hips in circles to help the baby down. I had an amazing home water birth and would do it again -Anytime, with this angel of a midwife. -Thank you, may you go out there and help millions of women to have an incredible experince in birthing our new generation. The world deserves it. They deserve it. x x x (mother and natural health practioner)

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