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Jennifer's Comment Print
I'm over 35 and considering getting pregnant for the first time as well as my birthing options. The outcome of this issue will greatly affect my decisions. I will not labour and birth in a hospital with all the risks of unneccessary intervention. I know that because of my age and situation, the NHS would only offer me this option. (woman considering pregnancy)
Ruth's Comment Print

Women without the choice of hiring an Independent Midwife face the lottery of NHS care which ranges from very good to abominable.

Without Indepent Midwife's practising within the community the NHS has no examples of how much better care women could receive. (ex-client)

Amy's Comment Print

I am in strong support of preserving independent midwifery, as I was lucky enough to spend an elective placement with an independent midwifery practice recently.  I say lucky, because I was able to witness first-hand the gold standard care that these professionals deliver.  They treat women and their families with the respect and dignity that all human beings deserve, carrying out their wishes safely whilst maintaining an observant and critical eye.

Independent midwives provide the kind of care which I envisioned my practice would be when I first started training to be a midwife.  However, having experienced the constraints of the NHS I am not sure that I will be able to do this within it.  During my placement I met many women who were terrified of hospitals and had had traumatic experiences in them.  Having their second baby with independent midwives helped to heal these wounds and enabled them to reconnect with themselves and their babies.  If they are not given this choice in the future they may decide not to have further children or even give birth unassisted.

These women received care which is holistic and thus cannot be quantified or priced and thus does not fit into the current Government and NHS models of thinking.  Independent midwifery should be saved because women must have choice and the NHS needs to see that care can and should be delivered in this way.

I sincerely hope that your campaign is successful!

(3rd year Student Midwife) 


Sarah's Comment Print
I fully support the IM movement. My family have hugely benefitted from our experience with our IMs and it would be an injustice if Mothers do not have this choice (mother and baby sling vendor)
Emilie's Comment Print
I fully support the campaign for the survival of independent midwifery. The Independent Midwives are often the last hope for many women who are hoping for a normal birth after a caesarean. They offer a one-to-one care, support and help in making informed choices. I thought there was no hope for me until I met my Independent Midwife. I had a wonderful home-VBAC last year thanks to Kay and I will never forget this. (ex-client)
Chrissie's Comment Print
After horrendous births in hospital, which have affected me for years, and also seeing countless women suffering the risks of C. Section (increased maternal mortality, risk of uterine rupture in subsequent labours, anaesthetic risks, and increased risk of thrombosis and embolism etc etc) purely for babies in the breech position, which midwives used to take great pride in their skills of delivering naturally, safely WITHOUT the risk of C. Section, Independent Midwifery is often women's ONLY hope of achieving humane treatment at birth. Unnecessary interference, such as inductions, rupturing of membranes and repeated internal examination, add TREMENDOUSLY to a mother's suffering, and unnecessary episiotomies can cause misery to a mother for months, if not years. Independent midwifery is a LIFELINE for so many Mums, and often their ONLY hope. (former maternity nurse and mother)
Georgina's Comment Print
I would like to add my support to the campaign.

When I was diagnosed with a breech baby at 39 weeks (who refused to be turned) the nhs hospital wanted me to have a C section (I had planned to have a home birth with independent midwives).

As there were no compelling reasons to have a c section and my midwifes were experienced in delivering breeches we decided to go ahead with the home birth we had planned. On the 7 July I gave birth, at home, to a beautiful son (weighing in at a healthy 7lbs 7oz).

Without the support of my (independent) midwives I would have been forced to have a c section I did not want and obviously did not need! (ex-client)
Jennie's Comment Print

I am thinking about getting pregnant and would not even consider it if I couldn\'t have an independent midwife.

This is because I do not trust the NHS or the government to provide me with a complete package (post natal, alternative therapy etc..) or even safe treatment.

good luck


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